Present Unusual Birthday Gifts to Your daughter on Her 18th Birthday

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Poets have always been fulsome in praise of 18th years. The magic figure is the threshold of adulthood. It is a milestone for your bubbly girl as she is ready to rise up to the challenges and shoulder responsibilities. The cute girl has turned into a dutiful adult. So, 18th birthday gifts for your daughter should be a fitting reciprocation to the newly earned adulthood to make the celebration a memorable one.

The 18th year has an immense significance in our lives. It is the harbinger of precious youth times. Youths are the pillars of strength and prosperity for any country. They have tremendous power to revolt against the rotten political and social systems. So, it is high time for them to be propelled by the right guidance. What other than books can make ideal birthday gifts to instill moral lessons into them?

18th birthday gifts should carry a unique message to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life, the newly earned adult status. The book market is inundated with newly published books along with the oldies. While buying books, you should keep in mind her choice. She is no longer addicted to reading fairy tales. Books on fiction and detective stories have almost become staple food for her since the beginning of teenage period. These books can also be regarded the right pick as perfect birthday gifts.

Uniqueness is the mantra while you are choosing 18th birthday gifts for her. Exclusive items always stand high amidst the heap of ordinary ones. Books that stir up one’s mind are better than the run-of-the-mill items. These may be story books with unique style of writing and impressive finishing. Collections of short stories or novels written by Rabindranath Tagore, William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, as birthday gifts will continue to enthrall her throughout life time.

If your daughter takes fancy to reading politics and is interested to dig out the political reasons behind the tumultuous condition ensuing from racial hatred and religious conflict, ‘Architect of Global Jihad’ by Brynjar Lia will be the right dossier for her. “Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny” written by the renowned economist and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen also focuses on such subject in a broader spectrum. These books as birthday gifts will satiate her quest to unearth reasons for such turbulences in the world.

If she is fond of reading simple story books, the list is simply endless to choose the most perfect one. It is better to take her with you while buying birthday gifts if you are quite flummoxed at what to gift her.

If painting is her hobby, paintings by renowned modern artists are making waves in the art world and they will be treasured by your painter daughter. Whatever be the 18th birthday gifts for her, it should bring back the thought evocative of this special celebration in later period of her life.


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